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To pool in the customers and store with numerous branches in and out the state, most of the corporate use their survey methods. And its one such a prominent way to bring in the customer, employees and the company into one society. Similarly in this article, we are to see DGCustomerFirst Com Survey, I.e., the Dollar General Customer satisfactory survey.

More Information About DGCustomerFirst Com Survey

Dollar General Store is vast area to get plenty of items when you have just planned to get one or two. Despite it being a huge store well organized, there will be some faults and issues,and some of them will not be taken to the management. To sort and to notify it to the management and make concerned changes and improvement in their services, they have improved a website DGCustomerFirst Survey.

DGCustomerFirst Survey is a platform that is developed by the DG, a very simple and highly focused website allowing customers to post their purchase stub data and compete in an online contest. By taking part in the contest, the customers are given an opportunity to win $100 weekly by sweepstake lottery and more importantly it gives a platform to share the experience of their purchase in the DG Store.

When one purchase in DG, the customers are asked to share their reviews in website, there the customer are given coupons worth $3 to $15 and also the lucky ones will get an opportunity to win $100 sweepstake lottery prize, where there are 4 winners weekly. And if you win the sweepstake once then you can participate again, our opportunity ends when once you win $100. to take part in the contest its very important for the participant to be above 18 years and must be a resident in USA.

Eligibility to Participate in DGCustomerFirst & DollarGeneral Customer Satisfaction Survey

Lets now look into the Eligibility criteria to take part in the DGCustomer First Survey.

  1. Its mandatory for one to join the Sweepstakes to be the resident of the United States of America.
  2. The Age is restricted as 18 and above to be able to enter the survey.
  3. Dollar General Employees are restricted to enter the survey.
  4. And also the if the relatives or other household who reside in the same address who are the employee of Dollar General are also not allowed.
  5. To join the sweepstakes via survey, one need to purchase or survey response card in required.

How to Enter in the Dollar general Customer Satisfaction Survey by DGCustomer First Com

Lets now have a look on the step by step process on how to enter the Dollar general customer satisfaction survey by DGCustomer First.

  1. 1In a device connected to proper internet connection, open the web browser.
  2. 2Enter the provided link in the address bar :
  3. 3In the language option, choose Spanish r English. And start filling in the required fields with the needed information.
  4. 4Enter the store number with Zero (0) in the front.
  5. 5Then enter the Time as printed in the receipt.
  6. 6Now enter in 15 digit code as printed in the bottom  corer of the receipt, its a mark of identity.


  1. 7Once the code is accepted, the start button will be enabled, click on the Start.
  2. 8Now, you have to answer the questions in order, keeping in mind your experience and opinion on the visit of the store. As they are multiple choice questions, its been considered to be a easy task to complete the survey.
  3. 9Each and every questions must be answered to complete the survey. As the questions are based on the level of satisfactions on different manner and matter of the store, its been expected to be filled in with genuineness.
  4. 10At the end, you will be asked to provide your personal details, your name, valid phone number and email address.
  5. 11After all this is done, you will be given with an entry number that is applicable for a period based on the entry date. One entry period is one week, for each entry code you will be allowed once to enter within the period.

How to Participate in the Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes without a purchase

Without a receipt and without making any purchase one can receive entry to the $100 gift card DGCUstomerFirst Sweepstakes.

Follow accordingly to enter into the Sweepstakes survey,

1. In a 3and half * 5 inch card. Hand write your full name, valid street address, your e-mail ID, city, state with the zip code and your Birth day date in MM/DD/YYYY format. Mail that to:

Dollar General Survey SweepstakesP.O Box 251328West Bloomfield, MI 4832

2. You need mail the card without an envelope and with a legible return address in order to receive an entry for the draw for the entry period, along with sufficient postage.

The Prize

The 10 prize winners are randomly drawn by the Administrator for the entry period. Where each one will receive $100 worth gift card for shopping at any Dollar General store. For 10 per each period, will receive 400 prizes of $100 during the Sweepstakes.

Sometime, the company may give each person with coupon code, that avail for offers or discounts in their next purchase at the store. In the next visit, either may a print or write the code, to use it in the store.


The winners will be notified either by a phone call or e-mail, wherein the street address must be submitted within 3 days of the notification. The gift card can be expected to be mailed within 6-8 days of notification. One should note that the gift is not transferable.

DGCustomerFirst Support Team Contact Details

DGCustomerFirst offers different ways to contact them. Initially if you have any issues,  you are advisable to check in the Frequently asked questions in the official website. Where most of the issues re been sorted.

When you are unable to fix solutions with the help of the FAQ’s you are so welcomed to contact their customer service, via any of the following means.

To contact the customer care via any of the social media pages or profiles, provided down are the links of the social media pages and profiles.

  1. Facebook :
  2. Twitter  :
  3. Instagram:
  4. Pintrest  :
  5. LinkedIn  :

If you wish to contact a particular store, use the Store locator function in the official website, there will be list of branches with its contact details

If you prefer calling the customer care, the General Customer Service number 1 877 463 1553 can be used.

The Corporate phone number is 615-855-4000 and the Corporate Address : 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072.

And if you wish to notify your problem via mail, use the mail ID

DGCustomerFirst Com Frequently Asked Question 

1. How do I take part in the DGCustomerFirst Survey?

Visit to take part in the survey. As it is an online survey, proper internet connection is needed.

2. To take part in the DGCustomerFirst Survey, should I need to purchase?

Basic requirement to take part in the survey is the receipt bill. So without making a purchase, you will not get the bill. So a purchase is very mandatory.

3. Can I take part in the survey as many time as I wish?

You are open to take part in the survey as many times as you have the receipts. One can take part in the survey with the receipt code, so you can take part as many times with different receipts code.

4. Does the bill amount affect the chance of winning?

As the draws are randomly picked, the amount in the receipt will not in any manner reflect your chance of winning.

5. Is it possible to take part in the sweepstakes survey without taking part in the survey?

One can enter the DGCustomerFirst sweepstakes by mail-in entry without taking part in the survey.

Final Verdict

DGCustomerFirst com survey is a widened network, where the customer are given opportunity to share their reviews and suggestion regarding their visit in the store. It also grasp people and holds them by providing gifts and purchase coupons.

Hope this article benefited you and as we focused on the requirements and eligibility, we tried making it clear for the readers. We are also to note that this article is mainly for education and information basis. And not in anyway related to the DG stores. This article is to know how the Customer Satisfactions survey is been done here. Hope we presented it in a useful manner.

For any further details or queries, ping us down in the comments below, and we shall try to help you in all our possible way.